Saving Allies

In August of 2021, Tim Kennedy and Nick Palmisciano are sitting at Tim's home in Austin, Texas, writing a book about Tim's life. The book spans everything: Tim's childhood memories, his experience as a UFC headliner, his background as a decorated Green Beret sniper, and his historyof bringing down human traffickers.

As they sit there, writing the final chapter, Nick gets a call from Sarah Verardo - Kabul is falling, will they go?

Unapologetically American

"We get off the phone and Nick and I look at each other. "Are we really going to Afghanistan?" he asks me. " I think we're really going to Afghanistan." I answer."
- Tim Kennedy, in Scars and Stripes

Scars and Stripes

Sarah, Tim, Nick, and a fourth friend step up together to form Save Our Allies to do just that. Thus, a fifteenth chapter of the book is born.
A raw, chaotic, and truly real account through Tim's eyes of those efforts
and events at HKIA, Kabul, August 2021.
From decorated Green Beret sniper, UFC headliner, and all around badass, Tim Kennedy, a rollicking, inspirational memoir offering lessons in how to embrace failure and weather storms, in order to unlock the strongest version of yourself.