Our Mission

Our Mission is to rescue American Citizens, Permanent Residents,  SIV Holders, and other special populations from Afghanistan and help them navigate the many challenges of being a Refugee in order to form a successful and productive life in the United States.

We do this using what we call our Four Pillars:

The Four Pillars


Our fellow citizens and allies are currently stuck in Afghanistan with no viable way out.  Their lives, and the lives of their families, are in constant and imminent danger.  We identify these people and through our own assets or the assets of our friends, evacuate them to a refugee camp.


There is a long period of time, ranging from 6 months to 18 months, where personnel will reside in refugee camps, either overseas or in the United States.  Save Our Allies places personnel at all of these camps and helps get our allies the goods necessary for basic comfortable living - whether that be toiletries and clothing or toys for children.  Our goal is to make our allies, who have left everything they own and everyone they know behind, feel comfortable and welcome.


Once our Allies are released from the refugee camps, there is a huge learning process, and limited resources to help them.  We assist our allies in transitioning successfully into American life by helping them find housing, training, and employment.


Through our partnership with Mighty Oaks Foundation and the Independence Fund, Save Our Allies invests in the mental health of U.S. Troops and our allies who served in Afghanistan.  Both our troops and our allies have dealt with a lot of trauma while serving, as well as with the emotional aftermath of our withdrawal, and we want to ensure everyone involved maintains emotional resiliency.