SOA in Ukraine

SOA has established a multi-national 24/7 command center, screening and selecting all participants. This effort consists of partnered NGOs, Churches & Government personnel.
All parties deposit information into a secure infrastructure for overall situational awareness and collaboration.
In addition to unparalleled ground truth situational awareness, SOA provides security awareness, threat vulnerability assessments, coordination and response through the SOA provided trackers and communications packages given to participants.
With backgrounds in expeditionary medicine, and precision extraction, Save Our Allies focuses on "the wounded in the last three hundred yards" by leveraging medical and rescue capabilities to improve immediate personnel survivability and reduce the required logistics of services in the maneuver element.

We continue to raise funds to grow this infrastructure and provide humanitarian aid.

Animal Rescue Missions

It's not just our two legged allies we care about. Read more here about our ongoing mission to do the right thing.


SOA has an on call 12 person multi-national Tier 1 special operations team for SOA operations in and out of Ukraine with tactical vehicles, safe-houses and local law enforcement coordination and military deconfliction for all SOA operations in addition to a 100 person Ukrainian HA force and 25 local national volunteer
medical workers.

How You Can Help

Save Our Allies continues to navigate global humanitarian missions in active situations.

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