Our Mission

Our Mission is to rescue American Citizens, Permanent Residents,  SIV Holders, and other special populations from Afghanistan and help them navigate the many challenges of being a Refugee in order to form a successful and productive life in the United States.

How It Started

Aziz and Chad Robichaux had deployed together 8 times. Aziz was being actively hunted by the Taliban and time was running out.

What We Did

12 Men,
10 Days,
12,000 evaculated.

What We Are Doing Now

The Mission is far from over. We are still actively evacuating US citizens and allies from Afghanistan. Our program continues to grow to accommodate the demand.

Our Allies in Afghanistan had our backs for 20 years.

"They helped our troops based on the assurance that America would have their backs. Let's do what we can to make good on that promise. God bless you." - Chris Pratt

How You Can Help

Volunteers are so critical in the continuation of seeing the mission to its rightful conclusion, a safe rehoming of all Allies and their families. We are actively seeking volunteers for multiple roles.