SOA in Afghanistan

Save Our Allies continues the mission we began from the beginning.
To save our allies in need of protection from tyranny and oppression.

We are still actively evacuating the at-risk and in need from Afghanistan, and housing them in safer locations. We provide every day supplies, a living allowance, and legal review of documentation to ensure they have everything they need for a safe pathway to a better life.

SOA in Afghanistan and Ukraine

To this day, Save Our Allies remains dedicated to our allies in Afghanistan. Since we arrived, we have been consistently working to evacuate the many allies still in desperate need, at risk, and in immediate danger. We continue to actively provide these at-risk allies and their families with essential sustainment housing in neighboring countries and critical life needs to help them survive. From the safety of their new home, we provide legal assistance and advice to ensure these allies and their families can look towards a future free of tyranny.

At the beginning of the conflict, SOA established a multi-national 24/7 command center, screening and selecting all participants. This effort consisted of partnered NGOs, Churches & Government personnel.

SOA continues to aid the people of Ukraine, from providing aid to evacuation, pivoting to the needs as they change during such a volatile environment.

Operation Cold Front

The Ukrainian winter hits hard.
Save Our Allies is trying to help.

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How You Can Help

Save Our Allies continues to navigate global humanitarian missions in active situations.

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