How It Began

Our Story

Save Our Allies started with two men: Chad Robichaux and his interpreter Aziz.  The two deployed eight times together and Aziz saved Chad’s life twice.  When Afghanistan started to fall, Aziz’s life was threatened and some of his fellow interpreters were killed.  Chad had to get him out.  So he called his friends and asked for help.

Dan Stinson, who served with Chad, was the first call.  He brought in Joe Robert.  The two of them were able to get permission to bring people into a host country in the Middle East.

Within 36 hours, Nick and Tim were on their way to meet up with Dan and Joe in Afghanistan and Sarah was running things in America.

What started with the idea of saving one person, grew into something far bigger.  Our hosts gave us planes to use.  The United States Government gave us a hangar, a ramp, and an official designation.  At the end of ten days, our team, now numbering 12 people, had evacuated 12,000 souls.

But the mission was far from over.

We came home, and we regrouped, and we continued the mission.  And we will not stop until all of our brothers and sisters - be they citizens or allies - are safe.