How It Began

Our Story

Save Our Allies began with four friends focused on a common goal:
To respond to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Chad Robichaux, Sarah Verardo, Nick Palmisciano, and Tim Kennedy watched in horror as the Taliban seized control of the country that had impacted the trajectory of their lives in an unspeakable way, and their response was urgent and immediate: We must save our allies trapped behind the borders.

Chad was spurred to action when he was contacted by his combat interpreter Aziz. During their eight deployments together Aziz saved Chad's life twice, now Aziz needed help. As Afghanistan fell, Aziz's life was threatened, and many of his fellow interpreters were killed by Taliban groups. Chad knew that he needed to rescue Aziz. He called his friends and got to work. 

Chad's friend Joe Robert had developed a relationship with a host country in the Middle East, and plans were born to evacuate American citizens, SIV holders, and Afghan Allies who the United States government had left behind. Within 36 hours Nick and Tim were on their way to join forces with Chad oversees, while Sarah ran operations in America.

What began as one man saving another rapidly grew into something even greater. Our hosts provided planes, while the United States Government gave the team a hangar, ramp, and an official designation. Within ten days, the Save Our Allies team, now numbering 12 people, had rescued 12,000 deserving people and given them a chance at a life of safety, security, and potential.

But the mission is far from over. We will not stop until all of our brothers and sisters are resettled into a life of safety and freedom. We hope you'll join us as we continue the work to Save Our Allies.