Board and Staff of Save Our Allies

Chad Robichaux - Founder

Chad is a former Force Recon Marine and DoD Contractor with eight deployments to Afghanistan. Chad founded the Mighty Oaks Foundation, a leading non-profit, serving the active duty and military successful faith-based combat trauma and resiliency programs.
In addition to Chad’s military service, he has served our nation as a Special Agent with the US Federal Air Marshal Service and the US State Department as a Surveillance Detection Senior Program Manager. Chad is a Medal of Valor recipient for his bravery beyond the call of duty in law enforcement.

Sarah Verardo - Founder

Sarah Verardo is a national advocate for wounded Veterans and their Caregivers. Her husband Michael was catastrophically wounded in Afghanistan in 2010 in two separate IED attacks that took his left leg, much of his left arm, and left him with polytraumatic conditions that have required more than one hundred surgeries and years of speech, visual, physical, and occupational therapies.
Verardo advises Administration officials and members of Congress on the experiences of the families of severely wounded Veterans
and has been instrumental in shaping national policy for our warfighters and their families.

Nick Palmisciano - Founder

Nick Palmisciano is the CEO of Diesel Jack Media, a full-service marketing agency, focused on creating cutting edge content in both the film and commercial spaces.

Nick is also the Vice President and one of four founding board members of Save Our Allies, an effort that rescued 12,000 refugees in the final 10 days of the Afghanistan Mission. He was one of the twelve men that physically went to Kabul to assist with the evacuation. 

He spent the best and hardest six years of his life serving as an infantry officer in the United States Army. In 2006, Nick created Ranger Up, the first military lifestyle brand, which kicked off a decade and change of veteran entrepreneurial endeavors focused around digital marketing and social media.

Tim Kennedy - Founder

Tim Kennedy is a Special Forces master sergeant and sniper, with combat deployments throughout the middle east as part of the most elite counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit within the U.S. Army Green Berets.He is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter and two time title challenger. He has fought for
the largest organizations in the world, which include the UFC, Stirikeforce, and the WEC.

John Tackett

John Tackett is a Veteran Army Ranger who also served with U.S. Army Psychological Operations and Civil Affairs Command leading and supporting activities worldwide relating to Information Operations and Management, Political-military Awareness, Civil-military Operations and Foreign Humanitarian Assistance. In addition to his military service John served with DHS, ICE and TSA as a Federal Law Enforcement Agent with the U.S. Federal Air Marshal Service. In addition, John spends significant time supporting several local and national charity efforts as well as assisting and connecting veterans and law enforcement officers with needed resources.

Melissa Henricks

Melissa grew up outside of Sacramento, until moving to San Luis Obispo in the 90’s where she met Tim Kennedy and forced him to become friends with her. Both avid combat sports fans, they trained and worked together on and off through the years within the mixed martial arts world. Through Tim she was introduced to Nick Palmisciano who she also forced to become friends with her.  

As someone who has always been driven to go big and make a difference she is excited to come on board with Save Our Allies assisting with our guests form Afghanistan and their transition into their new life here in the USA.