Animal Aid

When conflict tears a country apart, the human toll is always rightfully front and center.  But there is another group that also needs care and attention - abandoned animals.  War and catastrophic conditions leave many animals without their humans, leave others wounded and alone, and leave veterinary clinics and shelters without the logistics support necessary to care for them, often leaving them with the brutal decision of putting the animals down, letting them go to fend for themselves, or drastically reducing the daily food intake of these animals.

Save Our Allies has a strong affinity for our four-legged allies and we use our evacuation and logistics capability to ensure these animals are removed to safer areas with more support, provide logistics support to shelters that fall inside the areas we serve, or provide accessibility to organizations that focus exclusively on animal care.

Much like our human allies, these animals didn’t choose the situations they currently face.  It’s the right thing to do to ensure their safety.