Operation Cold Front

Thank you for your support! This Mission was successfully completed.


Due to the highly dangerous winter conditions currently being experienced across Ukraine, Save Our Allies is delivering essential aid packages to remote villages of the Kharkiv region of Ukraine via multi-functional teams, continuing throughout the winter. These teams are assigned a Med Station Vehicle (Ambulance), a support vehicle (4x4), and an assigned village. The support vehicle is loaded with humanitarian aid and consists of a driver, a cultural adviser (interpreter), and support personnel. 

The essential aid package contains a wood-burning stove, firewood, food, and medical supplies. We are aiming to deliver over 1000 bags a week and to provide urgent medical door-to-door care to at least 250 families per week.  Locations are being identified to establish Warming and Aid Centers, these will become crucial as weather conditions worsen, roads become impassable, and evacuation of remote and elderly villagers becomes essential. We will be expanding this mission to other regions as needed.