The Safe Haven Campaign

What is the Safe Haven Campaign?
We continue to fund a Safe Haven for our allies and their families, to provide supplies, an allowance, and additional resources to keep these families safe as they wait protected, to begin a new life. We are raising funds to continue this mission and to be able to host more

An ideal shelter from terror

As the Taliban continue to control Afghanistan, the situation for American allies grows increasingly dire. In response, Save Our Allies has established a safe house in a safe location to offer shelter and support to those in need. We ensure boarder passage and family unit
accommodation for those needing a pathway, to complete their SIV process.

The safe house is a haven for families who have been forced to flee their homes due to the conflict and their direct support of America. Save Our Allies provides an allowance to help these families sustain themselves while they are unable to work. The staff ensure that everyone who comes through their doors feels safe and cared for.

The Save Our Allies safe house is the ideal shelter for these high-risk
families as they patiently sit through the delayed visa processing, which is
currently months and months of waiting.  

As the months go by, the safe house becomes a beacon of hope for allies torn apart by conflict. Men, women, and children who once had nowhere to turn now have a place where they can feel safe and secure.

Save Our Allies continues to work tirelessly to support those in need, and to
advocate for a more just and equitable future for all Allies.

*Save Our Allies is not a government organization and only provides assistance to fully documented allies in accordance to US law.